I continually tell my Gmail account to remember to always display images in emails I get from the same accounts repeatedly, but for some reason it seems I have to keep clicking them. What gives?

I realize that sometimes companies use odd "from" email addresses to send their newsletters, I realize how this could be an issue (and why that's really annoying when companies do that!). But some of them that I continually have to tell to display images are simple email addresses that I know I've told to remember previously. http://amplify.com/u/a1gec0


Google Drops Support for Toolbar in Firefox?

If you're a Google user, the Google toolbar can become just about as important to you as your Gmail Inbox. Can't believe they're dropping support for the toolbar in Firefox.

Starbucks, Twitter and Social Media = Free Coffee

This is an interesting story about a little pay-it-forward action for us coffee addicts.


Government Involved = Failure?

Can anything the government is directly involved in related to business and commerce succeed?